Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


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Who is Invest Yadnya?

Invest Yadnya is an online Financial planning portal that provides automated, algorithm-based Financial Plan creation & advice. Post Financial Plan creation, our experts can review your information and guide you with right assets and next steps (For Paid plan customers).

How do we work?

We rely on software to automatically allocate your wealth across different asset classes, and require minimal human intervention to serve their clients. The general principle behind this is that markets are fairly efficient...Read More

Tell us more about your Financial Planning algorithms

Our Financial Plan algorithms are based on best practices given by SEBI and FPSB India. All the programs and algorithms are prepared by SEBI Registered RIAs with large experience in Financial Planning. Programs and algorithm are specific to India geography and curated for Indian residents only.

Do you charge any Fees?

Initial plan creation and basic advice is completely free. You will be need to pay for value added services like asset recommendations, portfolio review or plan review by a Financial adviser.

Why this Asset Allocation?

InvestYadnya recommends asset allocation based on your risk profile, current financial condition, your goals and time horizon. This asset allocation suits you the best currently. We do change the asset allocation as the time passes based on change in parameters.

Why only Mutual Funds?

Yes, advise will have more preference towards Mutual Funds because Mutual Funds are one of the least cost, most regulated, most diversified and most liquid asset available in the market. Yes, they are subject to market risk but which is asset it not? If you opt for Gold or Silver plan, you can get advise on Stock Market as well based on your current portfolio.

On what basis you select the Mutual Funds for me?

We have done a very detailed research on all the available Mutual Fund schemes. We review and rate them using our proprietary methodology and then select the best among them to give you the right fund. You can check more details about Mutual Fund reviews and methodology here -

Will I be able to Buy and Sell Mutual Funds (MF) through your portal?

No. We are pay only Financial Advisory company and do not act as distributor. You can invest in Mutual Funds through multiple portals such as mycams or MFU.

Do you advise on Equity or Stock Market?

Majority of our advise is around Mutual Funds - Equity, Hybrid, Debt & Liquid. We also do provide direct equity recommendations but only for Silver & Gold customers.

Do you help on Tax Planning and Tax Filing?

Yes, we can help you in tax planning by suggesting tax efficient investments as well as how to file your income tax. Check our portal - for all the details about Tax Planning.

Do you provide Offline Services?

We provide classroom training and coaching sessions for individuals, corporate and educational institutions on various topics of personal finance like - Financial planning, Tax planning, Creating winning portfolio, Insurance Planning, Q/A sessions with experts, etc. ...Read More

How Secure is my Data?

Your data is very secure with us and we never share it with anyone outside our organization and partners.

Do you provide individual portfolio manager for my portfolio?

Yes, you can take our Silver or Gold plan for dedicated Financial Planner. Details here -